Realtime lighting glitch

(SeaCigar) #1

Hey all. I was just wondering if someone could help me fix the problem I seem to be having with my game. Simply put, my character isn’t registering any of the lighting that I put into the game, and gargola and me have picked the game apart trying to fix it.

Hey gargola, when you see this post, could you put down a link so they could download the game? thanks.:slight_smile:

(gargola) #2

ok…i’m going to upload it right now! :smiley:

(gargola) #3

ok…since i’m making my site at don’t know if the link works…please tell me if it doesn’t work. here:


(gargola) #4

Seacigar: i just discovered that the light problem on the kirby character is on the body…cause i apply the light on the arms and it works fine…there is something weird on the kirby body and it’s not the vertex paint,cause i removed the paint.i’m going to continue checking.see ya! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #5

:wink: thanks for your help, gargola.
Ii seems to be working now.

funny thing is, the old kirby demo that I gave joe cool to look over didnt look nearly this… blocky… there must be a lighting trick to it. Ah well, you saved me… now to add some moody fog effects and wrap up that section of the level! :smiley:

(gargola) #6

Should i leave the link to the demo?

(SeaCigar) #7

if you want, or you can stick it on your site. You mentioned that you were gonna put it on your site, so its your call.

(Fred_Pyo) #8

So, the problem was that the light was only on layer 2 (limbs layer) and layer 1 (body layer) had no light? (Having the light on both layers is the key, right?)

Developing, the game is! The texures I like! Time for the HAZE!

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(gargola) #9

oye Fred_Pyo!! hablas español verdad? :smiley:

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Seacigar: ok.i’ll leave it there.remember the url in case you need anybody to download it. :smiley: