Realtime Lighting

I have a question about realtime lighting. I have checked the forums for this and still cannot find an answer. I have a model of a cave that I want to only be illuminated by a single light. For some reason even though I set all faces to light, the world light illuminates it. How can I get total darkness in the game with the exception of the lights I specify?

As a side question, one time I got this to work, but noticed that a stationary light would “bleed” through the walls of my model into other parts. How would I stop this?

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Uhh… I don’t think there should be any other light source. Did you press the Copy Drawmode button once you enabled the light? That might solve your problem.

try making sure you have use blender materials checked

Make sure you only have one or two lights “lamps” in your scene where you want the light, also make sure its not a “sun” type.

One method would be to decrese the lights distance that it covers.

another method would be python.

if you want the lamps not to bleed all over the scene, make sure you have the “quad” and “sphere” buttons pushed down, then play with the distance

Ok, here is a .blend file. (514k)

RagingChaos66 : Checked it and still no change.

Wanted Bob : First thing I did was the Copy Drawmode after a-selecting all the faces.

Here is what is weird. The “rope” object is responding properly, but the pole is not. Can’t figure it out.


Oh, man slaps forehead I figured it out right after I posted. You HAVE to have the objects on the same layer as the lamps otherwise you will get a “default” type lighting setup. I have never seen this spoken of in all the posts I have checked. People, please pass this on.