realtime mesh deformation

is it possible without to do realtime mesh deformation by user input, im talking the user clicks on a point, drags it out, and the mesh deforms. i dont really want to resort to hundreds of armature animations. so is there any other way?

uh there was something a few days ago but it ran slow so idk but here is the link

its really cool

I don’t think it is possible,
For what I know now, all meshes are defined at startup of the engine,
and cannot boe changed.
I am looking for this for a long time and the only impression a get is: It cannot be done


I didn’t think it could be done until I saw the link I posted above. download the blend from it its really cool

I did mesh deformation in realtime too.I was trying to impliment softbodies

I heard that it could be done (with python, of course), but that the physics engine wouldn’t recognize the changes in the mesh. So if you had a ball that rolled down a hill to start with, and then in-game changed the mesh of the hill to add a wall, the ball’s motion wouldn’t change.