Realtime Movie Compositing

how is it possible to make Realtime Movie Compositing: i know from Shake, that when making a compositing with movie files, it updates in realtime-playback, when i scrub in the timeline or play the movie. But in Blender when i compose a movie with other elements or movies it doesn’t updates automatical or in realtime… )-;


It does. In the composite editor, you can preview everything (videos, transitions, effects, even 3d overlays) in realtime.

it is possible… And hopefully even easier in the future. There seems to be two ways… In the Node Compositor using a image input that plays a sequence of images through the nodes.

And secondly in the sequencer using plugins. Like Jkey and Jmerge.(
hope that helps


i don’t know if it’s a problem with my computers, but i can’t get realtime-compositing, to update the composit, i have to re-render again and again…


Do you have a Viewer node …and a U/V window “connected to it”?

If so, clicking on any node on the network is supposed to update everything, but I find that sometimes a re-render is neccessary.


wow, you can :smiley: i didn’t know that.

I’ve just made this little screenshot tutorial to show you how. Hopefully it will be clear enough!

Basically, split the screen, but set both of them to the Video Sequence Editor. Now set one of them to the Image Preview and the other to the Sequence.

That’s what i did anyway.

wait, am i talking about something else? If so, disregard what i said.

@mike_s: thats exactly what i’m talking about: yes, you can load in a movie or an image-sequence, no problem. and it’s also possible to show composited pictures of your composition. But you can’t make a REALTIME-PLAYBACK WITH COMPOSITION.

@skinnious: thanks for your picture, but that’s not what i’m talking about. i’m talking about compositing of movies in the NODE_EDITOR.