Realtime Playback of scene


I’ve created a large scene, with a camera animation, and I need to play the animation in real-time to ensure the camera movement looks good, before I render the animation. But because of the large scene my PC plays the animation back at 0.07 fps.

Is there a way to cash the entire scene or bvh data, so I can click play in the timeline and watch a real-time playback, without having to render the entire animation every time I make a small change to the camera path??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You can create proxy models to decrease the poly count. Move all the objects to another layer, then create similar low poly models.

The short answer is no. Often I will just drop my viewport into box mode to increase my frame rate. This can get you closer to realtime. Also move your mouse into the 3D view port and press CTRL-UPARROW. This will make sure your computer is only drawing one window. (CTRL-DOWNARROW to get back).

Thank you jrkirby and Atom. Great advice :slight_smile: