realtime preview of video

I’m trying to make a video (on a plane) and blender objects in front that are keyframed and interact with the video.
I can render the video so I know that’s not the problem but I can’t preview it in realtime when I scroll on the timeline.
This makes the interaction impossible.
Is there a solution or another way?

Hello! I’ve JUST encountered the same problem and was going to post this question here :slight_smile:
So, will be extremely glad if anyone knows how to solve it - that is how to make a video on a plane play alongside all the action, while played on timeline.

PS: A can scroll the video on timeline with RMB, provided this plane is selected. But if the plane is not selected, video is not scrolled. And it never plays when animation played (Alt-A). “Auto-refresh” option is active.

PPS: I want to use a video on a plane as a reference for animation. Perhaps there is some other way to insert a ref video file into blender? Share your ideas of using video refs in blender, please :slight_smile:

Use the VSE? :stuck_out_tongue: (or the movie clip editor)

It has been that way for awhile. You could switch to GLSL shading if your a mind to programming python. It was done that way because too often the viewport was degrading performance as I understand it. You can manually scroll the timeline or use the quick GLSL render provided for quick playblasts as a workaround or switch to background alternatives.

Thank you for ideas!
I found a still more convenient way of adding videos into viewport: I can add an EMPTY and set its display type to IMAGE and choose a video file there. I tested, it works with Alt-A and with scrolling!

It is described with pictures here:

The article runs about inserting an image, but it works with videos as well!

Sumac, perhaps in your case you could place an empty with video in front of your plane for objects to interact with?