Realtime preview with Viewport Shading ON locks, crashes and slows Blender down

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Thanks. So the selected setting should be “Prefer maximum performance”?

For the settings i think would matter, like OpenGL rendering GPU I have the graphics card selected. For CUDA- GPUs I have selected Use this GPU: RTX 2070 Super.

Is there another check I should check?

And what about the exception for 2.82? Where would it be, if to be found?

Thanks again.

To be honest I never had to do anything in that Nvidia control panel, Blender always uses the GPU at full speed here, so I’m just throwing dices…
As I said before try a newer build and if the problem persists, file a bug report. Devs are surely the right person to ask for such a specific trobleshooting problem.

None that I know of

In the same applications list I think

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Hey, it could be anything, without seeing the scene it is hard to conclude.

Maybe Branched Path Tracing could be the problem, it is slow to update the viewport due to the nature of the algorithm.

Check if in Render Settings under Sampling, Integrator is set to Path Tracing.


What newer build? 2.92 is the latest, right?

Yes, it is set to path tracing. :slight_smile:

As for seeing the scene, this happens with any scene. It’s not specific to just one scene.

Curve ball: 2.83 had been using the GPU just fine, for baking. But I just tried rendering an animation in 2.83 and it only uses the CPU. All render settings are the same as used for baking. Meaning cycles is set to GPU render and CUDA is selected under Preferences>System.

I’m guessing it shouldn’t be behaving like this and it should actually be using GPU to render the animation?

A screenshots of the render settings does wonders sometimes. It is a hard nut to crack.

Maybe this ticket could be reopened:

It was closed after it turned out, that the visualization in Task Manager was not set tu CUDA, obviously your CUDA graph shows 0% utilization.

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Yes, it’s not the Task Manager not set to CUDA issue here, as if I bake in 2.83, the Task Manager visualization shows the GPU being utilized:

What render settings do you need a screen shot of? I could definitely post that. :slight_smile:

But since the settings are exactly the same when I bake in 2.83 and 2.91, because I open the very same project, and in 2.83 it uses the GPU, as you see above, and in 2.91 it does not, I don’t think it could be the settings, right? They are the same.

It appears that recently someone had the same issue on this Blender Devtalk thread:

Again, it was just a missing CUDA graph there.

You could try to describe this issue there. I am unable to identify the cause of this problem.

As for the render settings, just a general overview screenshot of them would be good enough.