Realtime primitive editor- fun editor made with BGE

Hi all!

today I did a little experiment on how I could make a level editor for some of my upcoming games.

Wow! i got carried away again… 6 hours later I have a cool little real time physics editor!

Perfect for small children, or overly intoxicated adults.

I have been playing with it for the last hour… pretty fun little set of toys.

here are some screen shots:

Here I use the middle mouse button or the ALT keys to activate the magnet.
the magnet sucks all the dynamic objects towards the 3d cursor.

Some other features:

most controls have an icon at the bottom of the screen, they also have hotkeys below :

F1 key - Terminate all
F2 key- terminate dynamic objects
f3 key- terminate static objects

Right mouse or Control keys- terminate under 3d cursor
Left mouse button - terminate object under the mouse pointer.
Middlemouse or ALT keys - Magnet

mousewheel and A and Z keys - move 3D cursor up and down on Z axis

Arrow keys, and buttons on screen - move 3d cursor X and Y axis

1 2 3 4, Add dynamic primitaves
q w e Keys, Add static blocks

Well that is about it :slight_smile:

here is the blend file. it is the most fun you can possibly have for 181k file :slight_smile:

it is released under the creative commons license, you can read here:

CC is pretty cool licence… Feel free to use any part of this for your own game.
Who knows this might be the base of the next Tetris game :slight_smile:

hope you all like it.

That’s pretty awesome! I really wish I knew python so I could do stuff like this. This is exactly what me and my friend wanted to accomplish after we make our game, as it is going to be a puzzle game and we were going to make the option to make custom maps. Keep up the good work.


Lol, the only python in all of this is the showMouse() code. Everything here was done with logic bricks.

It looks like something really complex to make, but actually it’s using very basic game engine methods.

Not to say that it still doesn’t take time to put it all together (which is really to p00f’s credit here), but just to put the complexity level in perspective for you, it’s not something that requires a whole lot of pondering.


Your a great logic brick programmer, but with python this could become a real fancy sandbox, with true interactive mouse based controlls, and shifting gravity, and a whole spectrum of funky stuff that couldn’t really be done with logic bricks.

That said, this looks like a byproduct of you starting yet another game. If so, just want to say, it looks like something that blender was made for.

Keep up the good work, this is great.

PS: You don’t have to keep sending pulses to your show mouse script, so you can turn off true level triggering on your always sensor.

hi conner!

Glad you like it. Like social said this is really a simple thing to do with the blender game engine.
Good lick on your game project.

Hi Social,
Thanks for the compliment , I am getting pretty good with the old logic bricks.
Some bits and pieces of this may enter a future game as a level editor.
But all in all it was just a learning expedition.

Just for the record… I may not be able to turn off the actual gravity setting with the logic blocks , but I have 3 ways of tweaking gravity forces with the logic bricks to get almost the same effect (yet terribly not efficent, but possible).

I agree python script would add a lot to this… the 2 lines of script I did use, REALLY added a lot to the editor.
I can totaly see how scripting could be easier , the biggest thing is to be able to track something down with a Find command in my favorite text editor. Save and Load features, and ingame bindable keys and mouse gestures.

Thanks also about the Pulse tip. I still need to refine my knowledge of the logic blocks.

well, I gotta get back to work… Thanks for your intrests guys

This looks interesting, hmmm…I think I’ll study these logic bricks :slight_smile:

Cool James XVI…

if you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

p00f is the bees knees

Wow, this is really cool, let me try it out, CRAP im addicted! Ok im officially jealouse of you. TWO GAMES IN WHAT? A WEEK! Maybe I should deddicate more…:rolleyes: Anyways this is really cool! One thing I need to know is how you do all of those lines, or a tutorial on it. Thanks, good job, and good luck in the future! :slight_smile:


This is awesome. So did u learn the logic bricks with just fooling around with it. Or is there some manual that I am unaware of. RIght now I can’t even keep my guy from falling through the floor =(

Lol right you are, all logic bricks. When I opened it I just assumed it was python because of what it did. I guess I underestimated logic bricks! Nonetheless, awesome job dude!

This is a great example to those who doubt the BGE. Anything truly is possible guys, you just gotta put your mind to it.

That being said, your realtime editor looks awesome pOOf, I hope to see more in the future = ) I’ve been watching your progress with the game engine and you’ve gotten really good.

Happy Holidays!

I could totally make a better editor…Just kidding, it’s really awsome. it seems so, so,…ok im jealous.

Hi Poof,
That’s a really impressive result for such a small file.
I was wondering how you achieve the magnet effect, not the visual one but the actual attraction of all physics enabled objects towards one source. I see that upon pressing an Alt button the magnet empty is created, but as far as I can see it has no properties that would enable it to do what it does, and you say no python was used, so how is it achieved?
I am curious because I wanted to achieve the reverse effect, as in to push all physics objects away, e.g when an explosion happens.
Please give me an answer to this because I haven’t seen this effect in any other example.

wow! thanks for the great comments guys :slight_smile:

Hi neogen22

look at layer 2 at all the physics objects… they have a key assigned to a Track to, and to a move:force +y local

So, when the key is pressed the object faces the 3d cursor, and moves forward :slight_smile:

great for a magnet effect :slight_smile: