realtime reflections

Hey everyone.

I was wondering if anyone new an effective way of doing real-time reflections. I see this in games such as Half-Life 2 on pretty much all metal objects. They are indeed reflecting the environment and moving the objects results in the reflection changing accordingly so this is not a static baked trick.

-Thanks so much.

check this
This guy martinsh is like maniac with his skill :slight_smile:

also this is kicking stuff:

The GE video texture module has an option for mirrors.
But this seems very limited, and only works for flat planes?
I’ve been trying for a long time to get this to work on a sphere but couldn’t do it…

thanks guys

ah yes the renowned martinsh. I dunno how I missed that in my search. Thnks pavlik.

I would like to point out the obvious by saying that Martinsh’s demo isn’t realtime reflections, just a pre-rendered cube map.

If it were possible to have a second camera rendering the cubemap to a texture in realtime,
That would a an awesome effect for a racing game.