realtime rendering preferences ... or something [solved!]

there’s no doubt in my mind that this question has been asked and answered before, but i just can’t find it in the search results. i don’t like speaking out and making myself the idiot, but that’s just plain inevitable …

i want to change how my model appears to me when i’m working on it. like how it appears in that Blender Organization’s showcase movie … at the convention, with that guy modeling a lizard creature showing how 2.4 handles symmetrical modeling. the subsurf is, like, mixed in to the mesh geometry in edit mode. i also want to know how he got the vertices to snap to the mirror plane of the model, but that’s a little besides my point …

know what i mean? i do hope so; i don’t know how clearer i can get …

In the Subsurf modifier panel (v 2.40), there’s a little empty circle next to the up and down arrowhead buttons. Turning this on will “Apply modifier to diting cage during Edit mode.” It’s similar to turning on Optimal in 2.37 (although I’m already forgetting what that version looks like).

If you can’t find an answer by searching around then there is no problem with asking a question. :slight_smile:

Next to the modifier name, which is Subsurf by default, you see three buttons which toggle what view you see the subsurf in. Is the one all the way to the right turned on? If it isn’t, turn it on.


heh, that’s exactly the effect i’m looking for. thanks bunches, CD38 and Laurifer. :smiley:

Sariel: You’re very welcome.

Laurifer: Thanks for clarifying that. My Edit cage button is on by default.