Realtime School model

Hi, I’m not sure if this belongs in here or the finished projects forum, so the admin can move it if they feel like it.

Here’s a little something I did a while back for my highschool. It was incorporated into a powerpoint presentation for a parents meeting.

At presentation time it was kind of dumb 'cause the principle called out the various locations (library! gym! parking lot!) and I more or less rotated it to more or less the location. Probably better had I put some labels on :smiley:

It was done with blender 2.25 and compressed in it, so it won’t open in 2.33. The mouse script I took off, and if you’re wondering where this is, my school is located in burnaby, bc, canada. Anyone from around there? oh, and that little red guy is our mascot, the viking.

just drag around to rotate, a/z to zoom. Enjoy!

Hmmm… It’s really good! That car must be lost or something. My only crits are:

(1.) The windows are all seperate from the building, and this isn’t good for the FPS.

(2.) It would look 30X better with textures. You can take pictures of the real school for those.

Despite these facts, it’s pretty good.


hey thats cool. i like the idea using it in school :slight_smile:

humm, I was a bit confused about the whole mesh thing. Some sites say I should break it apart for better fps, and some say one big mesh is better.

The windows are separate because there’s a bit of a reflection mapping on it, so it changes colour a bit when you move around. And yes, textures would be good, but this was kind of a quickie.

I might work on this some more in my spare time and eventually put it on the school website. If you’re interested, it’s at
(no, I didn’t create the site)

:slight_smile: hey man that’s interesting, the radiance FX in simare a good thing, I do think you could optimize the poly count were the radiance isn’t effecting though this would certainly speed the FPS… :wink:

I grew up in Edmonds, Washington and played hockey. We were always playing teams from the Vancouver area. Burnaby and North Shore Winter Clubs usually had the best teams. …North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, 4 Rinks… lots of fun.

Very nice. I have been wanting to do a similar thing for the location that I work at. But I would need to convert it to vrml so it could be “WalkedThrough” from the web. But since I know blender’s interface better then any of the other 4 or 5 3d programs I have(up until they changed it with 2.3x that is) it makes sense for me to design it in blender then convert it to vrml. The only thing I would have done would have made it actually first person “walkable” but then you did say it was a quick project.

It looks ok like it is. I actually tried to make it “walkable” when I made it, but a model that looks very detailed from afar can look pretty bad up close. I think I’ll save this ambitious project for another time.

Meanwhile, I had the time to start making an inside tour, but right now it’s pretty basic. No textures yet, and the mesh is incredibly dirty even before radiosity. And yes, I’m also aware that all the levels look the same, but that’s just how my school looks…

by the way, can anyone think of a better way to go between levels? Right now the whole thing is a bit confusing, I think later I will just get rid of radiosity, make everything into one scene and use some sort of culling script.

bow down to the new guru! :smiley:

any tips on how to improve this?

:Z I have no crits…

it looks very good, I think It might make a good shooter lol…

on second thought that would be kinda twisted, because it’s
suppose to be a school. :<

I’ll stay tuned.

:expressionless: sorry to dissapoint you, but I’m going back to china for a few months, so don’t count on frequent updates. I’ll try to get this started after I come back.

While we’re on the subject of china, is there some kind of language pack that can make blender display chinese? I’m not talking about rendering text objects, but the menuing system. My cousin back in china would like to learn blender, but he doesn’t know much english. Is anyone working on international support?

Hmm, I think there should be a chinese version. Just poke around a bit. Well there’s a french version of blender as far as I know. Gosh, found out from all those french tutorials that I found when I was exploring Blender. Too bad I couldn’t read a word of French.

Jason Lin

Well I’m in BC… About as far away from the coast as is possible though, just a short drive from the BC/Alberta border.

Jack000, Be safe on you trip back to china and let us know when you get back.

As far as the blends go. I liked inside better then I did the outside view. The pepsi machine was a nice touch.

Just as a matter of curiosity how long did it take you to make inside.blend from start to finish. I assume you did not do it all in one sitting but just as an estimate how may hours do you think you worked on it?

Inside.blend is EXACTLY the kind of thing I want to do and convert to vrml so that it can be used in one of the multi-user world sites.

I was kind of playing with the functions and experimenting a lot, so that took up some time. I’d say I’ve spent about six or seven hours all together. The modeling isn’t hard, considering everything is cubic (doors, walls etc)

I wonder how well vertex colours will convert to vrml…

I will have to give it a shot and see. I am waiting for Rick Kimball, the author of the script that is now integrated into blender to get back online. Seems he had to get a “real” job and is not online or adding to the community as much as he use to be.

the links dont work…

Hi! I’m in china!
It’s really hot and crowded here, but everything’s really cheap. :smiley:

My host recently underwent some changes, and it looks like there might be some intermitten problems. It’s working again now…

I’ll try to relocate as soon as possible. [>]

Cool! China! Why are you there? Visiting family?

Nice! I was thinking about doing something similar: model my school in BLender. And guess what school do I go to? Burnaby Mountain!

Yes I live in Burnaby and I am currently attending summer session at North, do you happen to take summer school, too? Maybe we can meet.

Also, I am Chinese, too. Don’t have the time to go back to China, though. :frowning: