Realtime screen ripper optimal for game engine?

anyone know of a free screen recorder, that runs on windows XP 32 bit?

I am on a cheezy 256meg ram system, and need something to record hours of me modeling animateing, and running/debugging the game engine.

something with windows/linux versions would be optimal, I am switching this system over to linux in 10 days so it can be donated (hope I get kanotix and everything smooth running by Christmas when this frenkenstein system is due for delivery:) )

EDIT: I plan on adding everything to youtube for public viewing/heckeling

TIA for any help/tips :slight_smile:

Fraps and Camstudio. All i can think of right now.
Google them.

Camstudio is not for linux, and it tend to give some weird result when you transcode that special codec they use (I just had a bad surprise recently).
but for general screen recording it’s efficient and free for win32

xvidcap ( seem to be the good choice for linux… (but I have only tested it twice with not so much footage…)