Realtime shadows

Hi, i’m having trouble with realtime shadows. I’m working on an archviz realtime project, and i managed to tune a spotlight to cast shadows the way i like, i can see the effect in the GLSL viewport, but anytime i press P, i can only see the light emitted by the hemis, not the spotlight. (if i turn the spotlight to a point light in F5 context i can see its contribution, but if i turn the Buf.Shadow off, i can’t…) it’s weird…
The Spotlight is 300 B.Units away, i already changed The buffer size, Clip start and end…
please help !!



you have to use buffered shadows, ray shadows aren’t supported in the GE.

I don’t have any suggestions directly, but if you can isolate the problem in a simple .blend and post it here it might be easier to find a solution.

SOLVED. It was a problem with tracking to an empty. It looked ok in the viewport/IPO Context, but totally wrong in the GE… Thanks for the answers anyway.