Realtime Stategy game. (RTS)

In this thred I’ll post my progress on my, just started, RTS game. And also post the bugs or problems I come across.

First, I would like to thank Blendengine already for getting me started on this one. =]

What kind a game is it?
It is an small version of a normal rps game. You start with a base which you need to protect against an enemy. The enemy sends different types of vicecles towards your base to try to destroy it. You earn money by killing this vicecles. From the money you can buy new equipment to destroy your enemy and defend your base.

The forum has the ability to attach .blend files, if it’s small enough.

I would prefer if you would use that. I don’t like upload sites.

Could I see a screenshot somewhere in teh first post before I download it? No offense, but it’s generally advised that you show people what they’re downloading before they download.

I added an image.
How can I upload the .blend file on this tread?

When you’re in normal post mode, scroll down until you find this button. Click on it. After that it’s pretty straight forward.


There you go.

On Empty.001 there are two add object actuators. Removing the one named “act5” fixes the problem.

My primitive explanation to your problem:
It appears that you had another gun named “Gun1.2” at one point. This gun, I presume, had a different script attached to it or just logic bricks. Since it’s name was still in the actuator, even though you deleted the object, the add object actuator still adds “Gun1.2” to the game when you press the space bar. I’m probably wrong but, whatever.

yea, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: Thx a lot man =]