realtime text property

does a property, which is used for realtime text, have to be named “Text”?

Yes, it does. You can do text other ways, but for bitmap text, it has to be named, ‘Text’.

can i somehow have a realtime-text-face use a property from another object? or how could I synchronize the “Text” property with a property of another object?

what kinds of other ways are there beside bitmap text?

you can use the “Copy-Property-Actuator”

You can synch the properties by using Python to get the other object, and set the Text property to that property. Here’s an example - you would run this code in the text object using a Python controller:

sce = logic.getCurrentScene()
obj = logic.getCurrentController().owner
dest = sce.objects['DestinationObjectThatYouWantToCopyTheTextFrom']
obj['Text'] = dest['DestinationProperty']

As for other methods, the BGE’s been getting work in the text section, so pretty soon you’ll be able to use built-in Text objects in-game, but it’s not implemented yet. You can use built-in text, but I don’t think you can change it dynamically, as of right now.

You also can use Moguri’s bgui module. It’s easy to use, but you’ll have to use Python.

thanks, i will use nickdiesel’s solution. that is exactly what I was searching for, but did not know that a copy property actuator existed. thanks