Realtime Water Script

I have created a new realtime water script, this time you can have individual settings for each wave and the old bug is gone.
See the blend and readme for instructions.

Now you can have uv coords move along the wave.
See the readme and blend for info. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Very useful!

I like this alot, thanks very much Lagan. Simple and straight forward to set up, and got some nice, slow, rolling wave effects going on.


YES! I have been looking for this for ages. Thank you Lagan :smiley:

Looks really nice. This script is a way shorter then the another one that has been posted 2 years ago. The way of moving those vertices looks quite nice to do. I also think it really simple to simulate a earthquake effect in games. Like a character has a big axe, smashes on the ground to activate the power of the axe, and then you see inside a cirkel range the ground doing a earthquake effect :smiley:

Anyways, thanks for the script, this helps me a little to understand more about blender’s python coding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download does nor work! :frowning:

Excellent stuff Lagan! thanx

good stuff Lagan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, glad to hear it’s useful.

Download does nor work!

Sorry doc, seems that the server was down for a while. It’s back up now.

I have updated the script again, see the first post.

Thanks for the script, real nice work.

That is AWESOME, very nice work!


wow excelent work!!! you even help me realize how to turn a string, from the objects variables, into an array. Wicked!!! :smiley:

Lagan. Where can I find documentation for some of the funtions you use in your script. I think that I understand the script but its the fuctions:


mesh.getVertex(m, v)

that I have never seen in the game engine documentation that I have seen.

I think there’s no documentation, but i’m not sure.

You can use mesh.getVertexArrayLength(m) to get the number of vertex of a mesh.

You use mesh.getVertex(m, v) to get a vertex.

wow this is great great for all types of games too.

one thing it would be great if it added another textures once its above a certain height (or just use a timer) so it looks like the wave has a crest of foam.

but this is great for rivers,small waves, and other things

Thanks. I was hoping there would be documentation of these functions when the game engine was put back in blender. I know you can do a print(dir) but that does not really provide you with what I call documentation. I would need something like:

[output type] = function([input argument type])

“this function takes [argument types] and return [output type]”

“For example:…”

That type of thing.

I have seen it in one comp I like it very very much but now I am tring to get it but the link is dead.

Niiiiice! This would work for flags, too. This is probably a stupid question, but how did you make the mist?


blender_rox: activate Mist in the World Settings. Information about the settings can be found in the documentation.