Rearranging object with mirror modifiyer after applying location/scale

hey Folks,
im new in Blender and have a little issue with my object. I’m modeling a lowpoly lamp and the problem is, that i can’t rearrange a part of my model, that has a mirror modifiyer on it. The modifiyer is applyed, also the position/scale etc. of it. Every time i try it, it moves the objects not in the way i want it. I must rotate a little bit, but now Blender rotates both of they by a united axis which is based on the center.
is there a way that i can rearrange just the original-Mirrorobject, and can i set the axis for this to a point that fits better?
( I#m not lazy but i do and undo so many steps of creating this -but it doesn’t look like much:sweat_smile: - i really don’t want to do all this stuff of parenting and rigging, because this would me making really mad :sweat_smile::joy: )

Can you apply the mirror, rotate the object the way you need, split the object down the middle,then re-apply the mirror?

thanks for the answer and the tipps.
Sadly it still doen’t work. I think i have to go to an earlier stage of my model and begin all this stuff again. Because nothing works correctly. Mybe the file is going to crap during my working process, idk. Too many little issues can make a huge problem when they can’t work together.:roll_eyes: