Reason/ FLStudio Rewire - or Host with Blender

Hi -
I’m new to Blender - rather i haven’t been doing 3d in a while and with the new version i might as well be new.

My interest is this - Midi driven CG in conjuntion with wav driven CG - real time if possible.

I know Blender has a new Gaming engine - new sound stuff. I know nothing of it’s capabilities at the moment as i haven’t gone into that side and looked at it - been looking for tutorials dealing with sound etc - found nothing as of yet - related.

I do not want to do the typical Lipsyncing technic. as stated i’m more interested in audio/midi driven CG.
More importantly - or idealy - i would like to hook my appz Reason and or FL studio into Blender directly via rewire or Midiyoke, assign channels to objects to drive the CG animation.

If worse comes to worse - i’t like to record my midi - bring that midi with seperate channels for each sound into Blender and let it drive the animation af ter of course i assign each sound and or note depending on the instrument.

Is any of this possible yet with the new version? and if not - How do i make it so i can do this? or what will it take to do this with blender?

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this or if the plugin section is but - i know it’s possible - some have done midi driven CG with other apps - i’d like to know if it’s possible in Blender and if some one cna point me in the right direction so i can do it for my animation project.

thanx a bunch

whats up -chase- ? look , realtime midi stuff can really be done inside blender , i’ve seen this

there is also a way to conect blender withthe realtime game engine trhough PURE DATA , another open source software ( visual programing software )

also , there are 3 music related python scripts , one for audio amplitude to ipo , one for importing midi files , and one that is called soundtracker .

  • google them :

  • audio analysys script for blender
    -soundtracker python script for blender
    -import midi script for blender ( im in a rush now so i cant give u a direct link )

any questions , just reply and i’ll answer you with more time ;D

Thankyou - thankyou - thankyou… whew! (wipe brow)

i thought i was going to come back to read of another dead end to my project.
Thanks a million, for the reply

I just took a looked over the link you gave me (should have first) it looks promising

  • i’m going to study it a little more to see exactly what they are doing with OSC and PD as you mentioned, as i’m unfamiliar with these softwares.

I downed the example they gave adn will take a look at that and am heading now to check out the other 3 related scripts as well now.

btw: Hope you don’t mind if i take a quick jump to your site as well…
how can i pass up looking at a site called TweakingKnobs!! :cool:

thanx again and talk to you soon