Been trying to do up some Firefly related scenes lately, but near as I can tell the only model freely available is a Lightwave model of Serenity. Next obvious task was to do up a reaver ship.

Spent a bit of time at it, once I got the basic shapes down I seemed to waste a lot of time trying to figure out a good way to do the details. Modelled, deleted, and remodelled a few times now.

This evening I got enough done to classify it as a “real” work in progress. Most problems have been ironed out, now it’s just a matter of fleshing things out. At least until I discover the next problem:

Part of the problem with the model as it currently exists is that the reaver ship is mostly symmetrical, except for a lot of hull damage. Plan is to finish up a “pristine” model, then cut it up.

Suggestions and comments appreciated. :wink:

I don’t know what a “Reaver” looks like, but the ship you have started there looks pretty sweet.
Out of curiosity, why is the symmetry of the ship a problem, shouldn’t that make it easier to model?

Great start, keep it up! :slight_smile:

I am just watching Firfly series after downloading it, theres some great modeling in that show, I love the old used look of the ships, which adds to the realism, also got Serenity to watch too.

I think I may have a go at modeling something from the show, maybe a big alliance ship!!! :o


Edit : Ahhh yes, great modeling so far by the way :smiley: :expressionless:

Nearly forgot that was the point of the post :wink:

I like the ship it looks quite good. The piping is a bit over exposed Perhaps a cage platform above the piping to keep people off of the pipes while maintaining there visability to some extent. Also you have to get the elbow so they aren’t at right angle. Extrude the end of the pipe and then spin extrude to get the elbow. It’s not to hard to do. A bit more pipe infistructure would be good aswell (valves and preasure gauges and so on). They could be hydrolically controlled (big valve) or electro magnetic relay (small valve). This would also include flow sensors and actuators to get things to move.

The outboard engines (wing engines) perhaps could use intakes. You would most likely use them in an atmosphere and this would be like a normal jet engine with intakes on one end and exhaust out the other. If not all your lift energy would come from fuel and that would be a big drain. You could of course have an intake that is not built into the engine itself but it’s easiest that way. I would also increase there size just a bit. It takes much more energy to lift off or land then to move through space. Depending on the power of the engine it’s thrust to weight ratio it could be smaller but given the size of the rear engines perhaps just a bit closer to the mains would be fine.

Great looking model. It’s a same you have your eyes on blowing it up… But that’s part of the fun aswell.

Just some thoughts.


Sorry, I worded that badly.

The problem is that when I finish the model… it’s still only half done because none of the details on the ship are symmetrical. Almost all of the ship’s hull is cut up and torn.

Here’s one of my reference images to get an idea:

thanks for the suggestions about the piping. :slight_smile:

Here’s another reference of what your trying to make:

I’ve been using that image to get a rough idea, but since it’s a very early design it’s not very good for generating details.

Just a small update, only been able to put a couple more hours into it lately:

Added a little more detail, redid the main hull because the state of my loops was almost useless for adding details. Is much more workable now. The seam is still there because I haven’t merged the halves yet.

Your doing a really good job. Keep it up.

Kind of took a forced vacation due to the holidays, but I was able to put in a couple hours tonight:

Starting to add the greebling seems to be making it feel more “reaverish”.

Main hull still needs a lot of work, some of the lines are really bad and don’t work well from most angles.

good start, keep up the greebling. Remember that greeble will take FOREVER and a half. keep it up though

XrQLz :wink: