Rebel HQ

Rebel HQ

This was a project that grew over time and ended up quite ambitious.
This project thought me that planing is everything, up to this point I must have spent more than 100h of badly managed time on this. :slight_smile:
Even thou allot of the work I put into the project don’t show or make a difference in the final image I’ve had a blast and learnt allot of new stuff.

As always there is things I would have done different but I’m overall pleased with the image.
I hope you like the outcome and please leave a comment, I’l take the feedback with me to my next project.

BTW: The robot in the scene is available on Blendswap if you wan’t to take a closer look.

Truly an amazing image i love everything about it especially the atmosphere and how it leave you with this ominous feeling add to it the way the robot look at you, well those rebels are screwed :evilgrin:

The only place where we have an expanse of “blacked-out black” is, unfortunately for this image, quite noticeable: the leading edge of that bridge, right below the moon. The face and torso of the robot are also, I think, just a little bit dark. (If I were in a darkroom, I would “burn in” those areas, and you might well be able to do just that now with a little bit of “post production.”)

Good feedback @sundialsvc4, thanks.
I still have all the renderlayers so it’s easy thing to bring back some light and color to those parts.
I did lighten the face, breast and edges of the bridge up a bit, no more big black areas.