- I am so sorry

I am sorry that I haven’t maintained much lately. For all those that have been complaining about no FTP access I had some very complicated problems (ones that I did not understand) with my firewall and now I think that’s fixed for good. I need someone to try and log into thier reblended FTP account and see what’s up, but I am going to try to maintain stuff better. I still have a lot of traffic, though. This will be a thread for all the users that want to update thier sites and/or bitch at me for my apathetic attitude.

No prob, just putted/got my files up and down and right now (since ca. 1 week) it works quite fine.

That’s good to hear. I was worried. I’ve just had so many emails about people haveing problems it just got overwhelming…

Thanks a bunch, just added me tuts!!!

FTP is working fine for me! Was down about a week ago, but only for a few days.

Don’t be sorry! We’re all very grateful for the space anyway! I’m not sure how someone running a web server for the community could be called apathetic!



I’m still down - 530 logon incorrect.

Thanks again for the hosting.


No worries, Shibbydude. I still can’t access ftp using internet explorer as I used to , but I can using an FTP client so no real probs.

Thanks for the great service.


It didn’t work some weeks, but it’s good now :smiley:
Don’t worry, why should we complain? It’s great :smiley:

It doesn’t work anymore, unable to connect.
And can you change my name BackiZ into backiz at the www/ page? Otherwise the page doesn’t show.

My Gallery will be replaced by this:


No Ping
No http

Server down?
HD crash?
no time?

Please let us know,

No time. I’m at the university of Missouri, Columbia. If anyone wants their files back just contact me and I’ll set you up. Otherwise I regret to inform you that my two year service is up…

That’s okay. I’ve long since switched to a paid host. :slight_smile:

If that’s possible mate I’d love to, that would save me a massive ammount of trouble. Do you want me to email/pm you?

Thanks, Sonix.

If I could remember my login I would check it out.

Any way you could PM me my old settings so I can check it out?

Haven’t used this in so long that I forgot all my stuff.

Glad to see it’s back though. Thanks a bunch shibbydude.


I think he is saying that is kaput, finished, outta here :wink:

Ah well, t’was a nice service while it lasted. Thanks Shibbydude.

[sing] time toooooo say goooodbyeeeeee [/sing]

well, will try to login and get my stuff.

Many thanks for hosting us and good luck at University.

If people think this was a valuable service - I could try to bring it back up.