I have been working on several of the Reboot characters and have finished a few with others still in production. Mike, Hack and Al’s waiter are done while Megabyte and a low detail version of Mainframe aren’t complete.


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Hey, cool work. i really like the first two of them, the’re funky. nice work.

Excellent work on these guys!

Of course, with my nickname here, you can probably tell I’m a bit biased. Are you also working on some of the main characters?

I was partway through a generic “1” binome before running into computer issues. I figured once the basic mesh was done it could be “dressed” as any of the binomes in Mainframe. Actually I think that’s probably the way that Mainframe actually did it.

Can’t wait to see more!


PS: Forgot to add a comment earlier! what more can I say about picture number 2 but WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? :stuck_out_tongue:

ReBoot was a great show. Nice job on the characters.

Thanks for all your kind words.

Are you also working on some of the main characters?

Well, I started on Bob but he looked terrible, I’ll wait until I have more experience in Human modeling before I try again.

Ok, cool! I started playing with human modeling (again, ran into computer issues) and was planning on doing Bob pretty soon. As I’m using his title as my nickname I wanted a Blender-generated image for an avatar!
Are you working on any of the others? Phong, or maybe Megabyte? At the very least, I’m assuming that you’ll do Slash. After all, he’s pretty much done already, if you get my meaning.
Oops! Just went back through the posts and saw you’re working on Megabyte. I’d love to see what you have already, as well as the low-res version of Mainframe!
As you may have guessed, I’m a HUGE ReBoot fan. In fact, it was ReBoot that actually led to my discovering Blender in the first place!
Again, great work, can’t wait to see more!


I want to give Megabyte better textures but this is the best I have at the moment. Mainframe doesn’t look wonderful but I don’t have a picture to copy from. Direct me to your Bob WIP thread if you make one.
p.s: Excuse the terrible water.


I forgot to upload this earlier, Glitch.


I’ve finished Megabyte although I’m not too pleased with the red thing on his head. I’ve also started on Phong.


Again, love your work!
My Bob is really more in the planning stages right now. Once I’ve had time to sort out my computer issues (it’s involved) I’ll get to work on him and start posting the work! Actually you did one thing I’d planned…doing Glitch as a separate model! I figured I’d be doing the same. If you have any plans of using the models, either for animation or still shots, Glitch really needs to be done separately. Considering the way Glitch changes as Bob uses it (him?) it just makes it easier to have a separate model.
On the “using” the models front, have you done the icons as actual objects or are they part of your textures? The reason I ask is that sprites can take their icons off. Enzo used to lose his and Bob took both his and Enzo’s icons to download the Guardian protocols (v1.0) from his icon to Enzo’s.
Actually, were you planning on using these models either to compile still shots or to do animation?



have you done the icons as actual objects or are they part of your textures?

I modeled them. Texturing is not one of my strong points.

were you planning on using these models either to compile still shots or to do animation?

I never planned to do any animations but I did do a few tests with voice clips which I’ll try to upload.

It’s been a long time since my last update but recently I got back into it and I’ve now done a good Bob. The hands are by a member of this forum whose name I can’t remember. Te ears are from


God its been so long since Ive seen this show. Great work on the bots, cant wait to see how you design the giant cube that falls from the sky!

cool characters, would love to see them animated

AHH!!! I used to watch that show every Saturday!

Thanks everyone for your comments. I’ve already done the gamecube and I’ll try to upload some of the animations I’ve done when I get the chance.

some of the characters look a bit out of proportion in places, but other than that good job :D, love the show

My Dot’s Diner 3D Model

Thanks for bringing my ancient, embarrassing works back up to the top. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice model, but you should create your own new thread for it.

What do you mean by thread?