Rebus Farm

Apart from the (paid?) flash banners for Rebus render farm services here on BA, does anyone know anything about their service as it relates to Blender?

Their front page (in the left margin) lists Blender as one of their supported platforms, but I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or instructions for using their service with Blender files anywhere else on their site.

I sent them an email several days ago asking about Blender support but have not heard anything back from them.

With Green Button and ResPower available, I know I have access to rendering services that have documented Blender support. But the fact that Rebus Farm hasn’t even responded to my query makes me think they might not be all that interested in attracting Blender users.

Has anyone managed to use their service with Blender files? If so, was the submittal/retrieval process streamlined and easy to use? How was their customer service and turn-around time?


No one has used Rebus Farm? And no one knows if they actually support Blender?

I never did get a reply from them regarding my email query about Blender support.

I guess I’ll stick with Green Button (which is great, btw!) and ResPower.