Rebusfarm account for sale - 210 renderpoints

Hello all.

First of all I’m not 100% sure if this kind of thing is allowed in this forum so apologies if it is not, I did read the ‘about the off-topic category’ thread and it didn’t mention no selling…

I have a Rebusfarm account with 210 renderpoints that I have no need for. The purchases were made a while ago, I checked with their support whether I could get a refund and their only suggestion for getting money back was to try and sell the account. Renderpoints cannot be transferred to another account, best way I can think is to change the username and password to something at the request of the buyer.

I have no figure I am looking for, please send me an offer, bearing in mind 210RP = 210 euro. Am happy to get paid any way myself and the buyer feel comfortable with - within reason. Also happy with any currency, even bitcoin.

Please let me know if this is something anybody is interested in or somewhere I could have more success.

Again, apologies if advertising like this is not allowed.


It’s ok to post this, but this doesn’t mean Blender Artists either endorses or guarantees such transactions. Buyer beware.

Thanks for the clarification. Good to know I’m not going to get banned for posting it at least :rofl:

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