recalculate normals while moving vertex

Is there a tool or mode that will recalculate the vertex normal while it is being moved? when rolling edges or flattening complex curves I set transform orientation to ‘normal’ then move the verted in the normal direction a tiny bit, let go, and move again, so the vertex ‘swings’ a bit. A mode where the normal is recalculated while moving would be extrordinarily handy for smoothing complex curves and curling edges.


The normal is recalculated during transform (turn on Draw Normals to check), but the transformation uses the normal that the vertice had when transform was initiated.

Using the transformed normal could be an option but it would be a bit confusing I think, especially with multiple selection.


multiple selections is the key. repetitively moving one vertex after another changes the normals of the subsequent vertex before it is moved, producing inconsistent results. In the mode I am suggesting, each vertex of a group selection is moved in the direction of its normal (not the group average normal) and all normals are recalculated constantly giving a very smooth deformation.