Recalibrating/Repositioning Mirrored Object

Hi all,

I’m having some difficulty with repositioning objects onto other objects.

I know I messed up the point of origin at some point, but wondering if there is a way to fix this so that the fingers on the left side attach to the left arm as they do on the right side?

See below:

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Blender noob


First, you’d want to have both object’s Origin points in the same place. In Object Mode you can select both objects and snap one to the other with, say, Object > Snap > Selection to Active (Shift + S > Selection to Active).
Or reset them both to the center of the World by clearing location transform with Object > Clear > Location (Alt + G).


After that it should be a matter of simply positioning the fingers in the right place in Edit Mode.

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Ah, thanks very much!! Worked like a charm :slight_smile: