Recent API-changes

Because there is no central place, where API changes are documented, i thought this would be good place where recent API changes could be made public available.
I invite everyone (including Campbell :D) to report API-changes, so on every change, addon users could help to get the addons compatible with recent Blender versions.
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PS.:Perhaps this thread could be made sticky by the forum moderators

Good idea. I hope it catches on.

There’s an auto-generated change-log:
Blender API Change Log

But it doesn’t list all changes, especially the important ones are missing. And there’s no explanation how to update addons, so great idea to start with a “central place” for all this!

But i’d rather use this forum thread for discussion (like “my problem xyz isn’t covered and i have no clue how to update my addon”) and the wiki for the actual documentation:

What about a sticky thread for API changes? Even if all it did was give a general description of the change and point at the Wiki. It could even be locked so only admins or other specific people could post in the thread just to keep it from getting messy… Couldn’t it?