Recent File List Always gets Deleted

Hi guys, I’m not sure why but my Blender’s recent-files.txt always auto deleted every couple of days for some reason. It’s abit annoying to navigate back to the folder of my recent files I’ve worked on every time.

I’ve tried to log my anti-virus activity and exclude that txt file, it still get auto deleted every few days. But I have another Blender installed on a different PC, with exact setting and addons, and there’s no issue over there.

Does anyone know what possibly can caused this? Though a search online so far give me no result.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you have another blender with same version and location and same anti-virus on another PC… sorry no idea… any other app installed which may seach for text files an delete them ((hidden virus))? (and you have enough space on that partition/drive and not restrictions on the path? … )

Oh the other PC I mentioned was my office PC, over there using different anti virus. The issue is on my home PC. And yeah storage is not a problem at the moment too.

Hmm, don’t think any other software would search and delete a simple .txt file, it’s more of a possibility if it’s an .exe file or something executable. Yeah I’m at lost too trying to figured out what caused this or what to do to troubleshoot to find what activity that actually delete the txt file. And it happened since few versions back (cant remember exact number, but I don’t recall this issue on earlier 2.8x version).

Hi Ravel,

Have you checked your “Save & Load” preferences? Maybe the Recent Files number is being reset by something. Set it to something you like, then safe preferences and see if that helps.

Cheers and stay safe,

Hi! yeah that’s the first my guess too but I’ve already make sure it sets at 10.

But the thing is the txt will not be missing in the middle of the PC boot time, it always happens on the next time I start up my PC. So every couple of days when I start my PC the txt will be gone.

Like for example, the recent file list from yesterday, it’s gone now. But if I open a new file, Blender will re-create it, and it’ll be fine for the rest of the day. But the next time I start my PC there’s a chance it will be missing again.

Thats’ weird… it must be a super monster of bug that blender itself would not only clear/empty the recent_files.txt fiel but also delete it… so i assume there is something else deleting it… are you sure ther is no other anti-virus or bakup sofware doing something strange??? Maybe worth a try: install a portable version of blender and see what happens?

Yeah if I were to guess, it’s the anti virus. But because I’ve already put that exact txt file on exception list, I don’t know what else to do haha since uninstalling the anti virus might not be the best idea :sweat_smile:

I try installing older version of blender, vanilla, no addon or anything, and see whether the recent file .txt also get deleted after few days :thinking:

SO finally found the problem for this issue, and it is Avast, but instead of the antivirus, it’s the Cleanup feature. It treat it as a junk temp file for some reason :expressionless:

For anyone having the same issue just uncheck the System Junk>Program Temp Files, and hopefully nothing will keep on delete that recent-text file.