Recent Forum Changes

I think the new forum change is great. Everything seems to be faster now, and the look is pretty good too. Thumbs up to Goofster.

looks like a dog’s breakfast to me.

Looks good to me too.
So Fresh and So Clean!

this looks really nice
I like it

i like the overall look of the single elements of the new design, but: there are different shapes, boxes, texts, links and whatnot all over the place. the screen is fragmented in so many different sections that it is very difficult to see what is important at the moment. many elements could probably be combined in only a few toolbars. it would be easier to navigate and would leave more space for the content. while i write this, i see two main frames that split the screen vertically, which i like (and, if i remember right is like the old design…) but the right one is also split up several times what makes everything very chaotic. maybe that could be improved?
like it is now, i like the old design better than this one.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.

Like this forum was ever hosted in Kansas to begin with (or had that many members that even live in my home-state):stuck_out_tongue:

I still prefer the adds on the right not the left - too distracting

also the post titles should be with a darker blue color

but apart of that looks nice relatively fast

nice changes

happy 2.5

Not seen the “Wizard of Oz” then?

I’ve seen it, I was joking in that reply to Sago. (I thought indicating that is what the :stuck_out_tongue: smiley was for)

Please move all the crap on the left and put it back on the right thanks.
Oh and I actually like the new layout despite its flaws - anything is better than the old one!

Nice new design, but I didn’t particularly like the add-ons being on the left. Kinda pulls away from the focus. But everything is pretty fast now, and thats good :smiley:

Nice layout :slight_smile:
But I agree with some others that the meny should be on the right side.

I don’t like the new design very much, I think you guys should go for a full width version. But a smoother running website is good. I also think the theme could use some padding adjustments. Thats my two cents.

I know its not finished but I also request the stuff goes to the right. I’d also like a smaller font for the actual post say 90% and and for the signature say 80% and please cull some empty lines/space…and make the unread icons smaller too…thanks for your work so far though. Its quite fast/responsive :slight_smile:

Edit: ok I see the orange skin went away for some reason after I posted. I’ll stop complaining until its finished… :wink:

I appreciate all of the work that went into the site redesign, but I still miss the original dark theme from years ago.

I’m dumb, where do I find threads I participated in? It used to be up in the left corner.

Loved it. Like a more comfortable car. Thanks for the new design. :slight_smile:

As of this moment it is the Quick Links / Subscribed Threads link

Cool, thanks Richard Marklew