Recent Interior Render!

Hi Guys

This is based on a recent partnership with Caesarstone surfaces, creating texture maps based on their Montblanc surface.

Books & the chair from Chocofur as I couldn’t be bothered to model them, time is money!

What do you guys think?

  • Created in around 3 hours
  • 3173x2339 px 1 hour render on CPU

Boom! … nice :slight_smile:

Little DOF, post&fx wouldn’t hurt… to diminish harsh AA lines out/in, to enhance bulbs, pinch of vignette, lens distortion, bokeh… to give some drama, ambience, an impression of a photograph. Very little, subtle, only visible on pixel level… :wink:

oh & btw - jpeg compression is awful. :no:

Im curious how you lit this scene, and very nice render by the way.

looks great.


Sorta still new to blender - do you have any tutorials for the post editing etc you mentioned? or anywhere I could read up on it? I’ve done a more atmospheric render of this scene (low quality attached)

I used area lights (higher intensity slightly orange lights & lower intensity slightly blue lights to set a mood) and a HDR