Recent Kitchen Render!

Took me about 4 hours in total, hope you guys like it.

Slightly Coastal themed kitchen:

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looks great just like the rest of your work (just checked out your artstation).
But it seems like a odd camera angle with the barrel distortion, Or is there a particular reason for this?

They wanted the feeling of being in the room without doing fisheye lens, so showed them this distortion and they loved it haha. I’d never normally go past -2 on distortion this is like -10?

Thanks man!

nice is the glare on lights done?

Very Nice :slight_smile:

To what do you attribute your speed? 4 hours doesn’t seem long enough?

I think the cabinets are too glossy… Unless those cabinet doors are made of a glossy plastic. Also, seems a little odd to me to have a plant on top of the oven.

Overall, though I think it looks great. Seems a little sparse (like a show room piece) rather than an active, used one, but looks clean and similar to others I was looking at for comparison.

I cant tell if this is a picture or really a render haha great work

Grady slab gloss laminate doors, it’s how they look haha and it’s a door manufacturer so has to perfect and clean - I did still add some slight dirt maps to the windows, random light reflection on the ceiling and slight unalignment of the cabinets.

4 hours includes modelling blades, I do interior renders every day sometimes 3 a day so don’t need reference images as I know all the standard sizes and thicknesses it becomes very quick work! been doing it for like 10 years as well I guess haha!

Thanks for all the kind words :slight_smile:

Very nice - I like the warm-cold-contrast of the colors :slight_smile: