Recent Mac OS X Builds are weird for me

This is no way meant to offend the many fine developers and creators/distributors of builds, but in the last 2 weeks, I’ve noticed builds of 2.58 having weird problems…

…such as not remembering interface settings, and requiring lots of extra clicks and tries to activate panes, or to pan/dolly.

And I am talking about only having the one Blender window showing on 1 monitor. If I use a 2.57 build, or the “official” 2.58 build, I don’t have these same problems.

Any other OS X users noticing this? If so, is this bug report-worthy?


I’m using Mac OS X as well. I must say, the one weird thing that sprung up on me was this:
With the 2.58a build that has come out recently, I have this weird issue where if I grab an object and move it in one 3D window, the cursor jumps to a different 3D window after the move is performed. So if I start making an adjustment in “3D window A” we’ll say, the cursor jumps to “3D window B”, and the same works in the other direction. Because of this annoyance, I went back to using 2.58 This is really the only thing that has happened for me. Honestly haven’t experienced these other glitches you’ve come across. I am using Mac OS X 10.6.7

BigMoose -

I have noticed this too, and it is VERY annoying while working in the compositor. I have seen it happen in the video editor and i think the graph editor too.
This needs to be fixed

raycat -
I think i know what you are talking about when you say, “requiring lots of extra clicks and tries to activate panes”. The only time i can reproduce this problem seems to be when i open a drop-down menu in the compositor. If you do not select anything from that drop-down menu, and then move your pointer away and try and click a button, it will not “click” it, or “activate” it right away, and it never will until you move your pointer a single pixel after your initial click on whatever. This, or something similar to it, may be what is giving you “extra clicks”, and i have not noticed it until 2.8. There may be more ways to reproduce this, but that is just the way i could think of after you mentioned it.

Do you have ‘Continuous Grab’ enabled in the User Preferences / Input ? Turning it off can help issues like this. It is turned off by default now unlike earlier versions when the default was to have it enabled.

I tested it, and turning off continuous grab did keep the cursor from jumping to different spots.

I still dont think this should be happening, regardless of weather you have continuous grab on or off. Personally, i LOVE continuous grab, so i would like to see it fixed if it is a bug. Should i report it?