Recent projects

Here are some images of some paying projects I worked on recently. The top two were for a landscaping project. I created a series of renderings from various locations, an animated walk-thru, and a real time demo (that is why the model is somewhat low poly). The bottom image is of a hair salon interior. The client wanted something to show the bank and the landlord. They got their loan and lease. Comments welcome.

very nice. I like your low poly solution to the flower beds. I didn’t even notice at first glance.

Any chance I could see this walk-through?

Very nice. I didn’t notice the low-poly either, at first look.

What makes this work for me is the lighting. It reminds me of vacation, or a resort for tourists.

Nice example of Blender in the real world.

Timeless - Thanks for the comments. I am having a business website developed. Once it is completed, I will post the walk-thru. The walk-thru is larger than my personal web storage.

Spin - Thanks, the lighting setup is very simple but effective. The sun lamp with raytracing. I did add several simple lamps to increase the light level in the darker areas.

fasteddie - Thanks, I like to use blender, because the modeling system is very fast.

Wow. That is excellent modeling! This is defenitely top notch work and great way to convince. Such great images and renders. The fact that it isnt too realistic is good so you remember that it is just a project. Something like Blueprints on Steroids :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job!

Very nice.

Hi erich, it’s nice to see you back again. I was missing your architectural renders.

I agree the modelling is good, there are very few signs that point to it being low-poly. Just the side of the pool and the flowerbeds.

The only thing I don’t like in the top scene is the colour scheme. Some colours seem to clash and it looks a bit drab. Some brightness/hue/contrast adjustment could help there (not sure how you do that in a walkthrough though):

I don’t know about matching colours much but maybe if the pool was more blue instead of grey. Is it too reflective? I’m not sure that shallow, clear water would reflect so much. Perhaps not as rippled either.

Maybe if the flowers were bright yellow and white it would match more.

The trees look really good. That really tall one especially because it matches the lighting. The palm trees seem a little washed out. Possibly some brightness/contrast adjustment on the texture map. The photo textures that you use will have been lit already so counteract that by making the textures darker before applying your own light.

The only thing with the bottom one is the grass looks so bright that I’m looking more at it than the building. Again that might be a colour scheme thing. There are a lot of browns and greys in the building (I thought it was a library at first). I don’t know if you’ve seen Stephan Rodriguez’s hairdresser image over at the gallery but it looks a lot shinier and lots more white.

It’s great to see you are getting paid for your work and you have your own company or freelancing. I hope all these jobs go well for you.

Thanks, osxrules! I appreciate your comments and I will keep them in mind in the future. I have been busy. I have not spent much time working on personal Blender projects lately.