Recent Release Of Blender 2.72

Greetings all,

I’ve been using blender for close to a year now and recently downloaded 2.72. In the past I have worked with the smoke & fire simulation via the Quick Effects menu. I have also followed previous version tutorials and have built the fire sim from scratch and have gotten some good results.
With the newest release I noticed that in the most recent release notes that 2.72 now automatically builds the node structure for you when you select mesh and apply it.
I just recently tried this out and it works and previews the smoke in the solid view, but when I go over the physics tab and select the Fire & Smoke option and rerun the simulation nothing happens in the solid view and apparently the simulation no longer works. Also when I do a render preview it appears that the Volume Shaders are not working properly as there is no render preview of anything going.
Does anyone have any suggestions or is it that I am not enabling some other setting?