Recent Tutorial Series?

Hey! I would like to learn how to animate and do everything that goes with that. However, i cannot find a suitable, up to date tutorial series on the internet.
Does anyone know of one of these?

Hi Pierre Marie, just to make sure I understand, you want to learn to animate not rigging? In that case, what are you looking to animate? It’s true that some tools and function are specific to blender, however, animation itself could be learned from older tutorial since the principle are the same as before? Do you know the 12 principle of animations? That would be a good place to look at first!

Hope that helps.


If you are looking for character animation, the Animation Toolkit by CGCookie is the best I have found. All of the editors you will need, IK, FK, how to switch between them, when to use each, two opposing workflows from two excellent animators, etc., etc. Plus a ready made rig for practicing.

It will cost a few bucks, but well worth every penny, IMHO. No freebie will come close to the quality and quantity of info.

Good Luck!

Adding to DanPro’s comment. The courses aren’t much in comparing to getting taught in real time. CGcookie has wonderful quality in their tutorials and I fully recommend them.

This is the beginner lessons from Beorn . It’s easy to follow and still pretty current in how to animate. I can still follow the course with the version 2.75 second Release Candidate for blender. The course is really cool and loads of valuable information to help you in the future. I would recommend his Parkour course in CGcookie for further information and practice in movie production animation.

Thankyou everyone for the replies! :slight_smile:
@mathiasA, i am guessing that you are talking about theory, which i have no knowledge of. However, i am guessing that CGcookie will teach me about this theory, i have heard that he is good at it

Also, on CGcookie, i have seen that i can either buy a whole course or i can buy a month’s subscriptions for all of them. Am i right in saying this and if so which one would it be best to buy?

When you are citizen you are able to download source files. So if you wanted sculpting, concept, Blender, Unity, and 3DsMax tutorials all at your fingertips I would say go for citizen. At least from my experience the quality is outstanding and to me the best lessons I’ve ever found. Though if you are one that doesn’t need all of that and just thinking of one subject. You could just buy the course instead. It all depends on you :wink:

Here’s a cool video that might do the trick:

That should be recent enough.

Thankyou all very much for your help! :slight_smile:
I will definitely look into blender cookie, it does look like very interesting information. Also, thankyou for the video link :wink:

Just incase you are not intuned with the CGcookie site. Cgcookie site has been revamped and old tutorials are archived. More information is on about cgcookie 5.0. Most old tutorials have been archived and all of them as of now is on Until they find a more permanent spot, they left them there. There is a lot of bugs at the moment on the new Cgcookie site but it looks awesome :).