Reception Desk

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and still fairly new to Blender. I used it before to visualize some package designs. Now I want to use it fot hte redesign of a reception desk of a garage. I started with the present situation. I’m quite pleased with it sofar, although compared to other stuff I see here I still feel very humble :). Here is a side by side comparison:

I welcome any input as I move on with this project, but for now I have one question: In the top right corner there is an artifact, the black beam at an angle. It only shows up in the render, but I can’t find it in my model. I checked all layers and all possible views (solid, rendere, material, etc.), but I can’t find it. Also I do not recognize it as something that I have modelled.

Can the file be corrupt? Does anyone have a suggestion ? :slight_smile:

not certain what this black thing is without seeing the file !

but depends also how realist you want it
there is not bevel on corners
grey mat is really flat diffuse could add some gloss may be

how did u od the floor tiles ?
script or OSL ?

is this in cycles ?

happy cl