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Does anyone know if Blender suport a “recieve only” shadows material or something that allow the shadows to be visible on a plane. The trouble is that the plan must not appear in render, but the alpha concerning to shadows must be there.

In Max for example the problem could be resolved with a type of “recieve shadows only mat”

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That’s what the OnlyShadow button in F5, Shaders panel does.

Not quite im afraid.

The only shadow button makes a invisible material that when aplied on a object makes it invisible but with the ability of cast his shadow over another surfaces.

What Im asking for is a Material with the ability of recieving shadows from another objects but invisible in render.

With another words the alpha from shadows casted over a plane must be therere, visible, but the plane itself must not be shown at render.

In Max it was called a shadow/matte material. With that I can have a mesh over a plane witch is recieving the mesh shadows but is not considered at the render it self. Kinda good for those scenes made with AmbOcc with white background.

I love how people are told the answer, and still refuse to believe it. :smiley:

No it doesn’t, I’m afraid. It does exactly what you want, exactly what rawpigeon told you. You don’t believe him. Here. Believe now?

It’s OnlyShad. Don’t argue. Just try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome (in advance!)
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But, But, But… :))

I Got it!!

It was not a matter of believe or not dude. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just looking to the wrong button. The “OnlyCast” Button also on F5.

Now Im again in the path of light… lol

Thanks a lot

:smiley: por nada.


Glad you got it to work Guzman :slight_smile:

I think the OnlyCast button is new, I’ve not used that before. I’m still trying to find the Pixar Quality button…