A 3rd person or 1st person real time strategy, survival building game :slight_smile:

Components- pieces that add up to
Can be recycled into weapons and armor upgrades

Architecturally sound “pieces” that add up to levels, that all are broken into pieces that are LOD mapped,

Armature driven rigs

Animation test for physical torque walk cycle- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYhnoXWBe08

Component movment system test- http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=b5tEWGJjPX8&feature=endscreen

Cone Ai-(now replaced with radar)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3lEgMqm1eg


TheRet.blend (515 KB)

Made weapon/nade

so I have a missile (cone needs the cone collider switched to radar)
a crossbow bolt that parents to what it strikes
a generic gun system
a laser system in the works


EffectNade.blend (922 KB)


This looks good keep up the work.I would like to see some textures on some of it.Do you know how to do that?I have done some texture painting.I am giving your nade a rock texture.Is that okay.Would you like to see it when it’s done.There is no bump map though.

How about more like this?

not exactly the same obviously but openGL or multitex for the black style, applied to the nade :slight_smile:

I will see if i can do this in multitexture?How you like the game?That is a adobie rgb picture.I don’t think i can open it as layer in gimp.


Working on components/level chunks, while waiting on a few art assets,
Still need more enemies and NPC’s and team members(in game)


[TABLE=“class: vk_txt ts”]

[TABLE=“class: ts”]
[TD]The destruction of a ship at sea; a shipwreck.



[TABLE=“class: ts”]
[TD]Cause the destruction of (a ship) by sinking or breaking up.



[TABLE=“class: ts”]
ruin - wreckage - shipwreck - destruction - wrack

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ruin - destroy - demolish - shatter - smash - shipwreck



I can’t do a whole ship.Too much detail.

here is a micro update :slight_smile:

here is my next “chunk” after the “component cubes”

Another Note,
Since the player has a “cattle prod” as one of his main weapons, he can “test” a circuit by applying power,
this may also be launching a motor into action, environment killz…

here is the community forming around one of the principle design elements, “Anti-Rep-Rap”

You actually believe you can print out parts with a 3d printer and assemble a phone ?

No, print cubes that are components, using lithography just like a cpu, each cube is like less then 1mm, and has a few small components like a transistor etc, and are the “ink” that is printed, but they are more then “printed” as they have to have a few small drops of adhesive applied and heat sink etc, then they are adhered and the connection is tested,

a few cube types,
micro antenna,
Micro microphone,
Light detection array,
and many many more

Well I am sure you know that you can not just print transistors, capacitors, batteries, microphones or anything similar. And less that 1mm is still 1000 times too big. Trust me, I went to school for this.

Yes you can, look into graphene, also, how do they grow a CPU?

you grow a cube, that is VERY complex, that is itself a dynamic computer,
along with components, that are “controlled” by a cloud operating system,

1 cube = ??? transistors, the more the merrier,
Led = semi-conductors grown like CPU
thin film Microphones… a piezoelectric film
a laser

The thing is, each cube, can be re-used later, to “upgrade” or directly recycle, or be replaced and recycled for it’s materials,

You are talking about stuff that you don’t understand and don’t have enough knowledge to make. I don’t care if you lock your self in a garage and make cubes all your life, but it bothers me that you are trying to pull other people into this by selling them an idea of something that would be great if it was true. Its just wrong to give your wife and people with similar problems false hope. Experts needed more than 25 years of prototyping and testing to get a robot that can walk and maintain balance even on flat surfaces. You started a lot of projects that lead to nothing, you are starting threads every week with new huge projects and you want people to help you.

I think you are too old to behave like that. Do something you know how to or take some time to expand your knowledge and then start applying it.

You should know that I am saying this with good intentions and I think you should focus on one thing and finish it.

What do you mean? I am talking to engineering professionals, I am looking @ current tech bub,
I think that you don’t believe me, because you are not taking the time to understand it,
What is not do-able?
the lythography?
the game?
I have people, moving forward, as well as me, on multiple projects,
The real world printing of a phone, right now it’s a dream, until it isn’t…

it is more then possible,
I think that a good idea, can be bigger then the person who thought of it,
do you have something to contribute?

I am talking to engineering professionals

names ?

I think that you don’t believe me, because you are not taking the time to understand it

No, I don’t believe you because I can see that you don’t understand it.

I have people, moving forward

names ?

it is more then possible

yes it is

do you have something to contribute

Yes, I am telling you to learn more about the stuff you are trying to do.