Well, my father for one, a engineer, james merrill, my step dad, a machinist , I have a few people I talk to @ spacefellowship.com
I have some friends on Google+ from the makers hackers and doers community and also some from 3d printing, and I have me, and potentially Raco coding, if you wish to join then the more the merrier, I have more then 1 system for the game working already, but they use passing collision flags, which is more realistic then a ray, but hard on the CPU

What do you see that will not work?
I like when people help :slight_smile:
BTW I don’t plan on the actual printing for another 5+ years,
I need some one at a chip lab to “grow” the first 100 types of cubes,

I have a AD-Hoc-Mesh-Net-Cell-Phone design I need some help with,
I need someone to write a dynamic balance algorithm, as well as a system to calculate the slope of a face for a specific step plot,

as for the game, I have the movement system working but not optimised by any means, I have the pick up/move drop throw system working, and the snap together system, however they need to be put together and optimised,
raco’s ray cast per face is working, but needs some slight adjustments,

PM me your email if you want to be in on any of it,
also I have some of the models for characters , but my modeler/friend akira_b got a pay gig, so he is working diligently on that, (I can not say enough good things about him)

Notice: this post containts mostly off-topic

please BluePrintRandom tell us how old are you
you have said you have a wife, but if you are the guy in your avatar photo, and by the way you write, i wouldn`t tell you are older than 20yrs

also, im not an engineer, but if you are really trying to make working cube components, im afraid i have to tell you, that this is impossible, 3D printing is posibble with plastic, but printing metal, thats another story, i have studied metals at school, and you need exactly 1535 ºC to smelt iron, that temperature would melt your 3D printing machine, and would probably set your house in fire, thats why big companies use advanced machinery, and when i mean advanced machinery, i mean the kind of machines that you can only store in giant factories, and are worth millions of dollars.
In your game, it can be posible, but if you are trying to do this IRL, you are going to fail horribly
i hope you understand and i wish you the best luck with your game

also, sorry for my bad grammar, im not from an english-speaking country

You can cut metal with water torches now.They have been able to do that for some time.

ive never heard of water torches so i googled it, it sounds cool, but can you cut 1mm metal with that water torch?
even if it was posible, you would need a special water torch 3D cutter

Are you kidding it can cut stainless steel.

you didnt understand what i said i said that to make the modular cubes thingy, you need to cut 1mm and smaller things, and with that torch, you cant, because the flame is too big

I think they could make one though.If they wanted too.We have very strong materials now.

the cubes are grown using lithography, sputtering and other CPU / GPU tech, in a vacuum,

you could grow them using diamond if you had the $$$

I am 30 btw, I am in good shape, because I walk my daughter 15+ miles every day, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I work out, I try and grow, mentally, physically and I am trying to do good,

I don’t know for sure but I think I have aspergers syndrome,
I want your help, your criticism all of it helps me solidify my design,

He is talking about a electrolysis hydrogen torch, I believe

if you want clean cut very tiny shapes…EDM machining is the way to go,
I need however, for some one who makes CPU’s or other complex lytho etc, to"Grow" the cubes, then they are like “ink”

The word lithography also denotes photolithography, a microfabrication technique used in the microelectronics industry to make integrated circuits and microelectromechanical systems.

Without a proper diagnosis by a licensed psychiatrist (like mine at the age of 10), it’s impossible to guess this with a high level of accuracy.

As for printing metal, I believe I’ve read before of the possibility of printing metal objects with a metallic powder. (which as far as I know is not available for consumer printing yet). As for growing parts using lithography and sputtering, do you have any links to studies or papers to back up your idea (and please don’t link to your Google group or Facebook page)?

It’s okay to have dreams, but do note that there are many things that are more complex than how they first appear.

Molecular programmed materials(alien tech!) = off topic, now back to the game, lets see some sketches of the characters. :slight_smile:


Sketches… yes,
I will sketch :slight_smile:
I used to be quite the inker, but I hit photoshop and had a joygasm,and never really looked back (accept acrylic)

any sketches from youre brother?

He has 2 to send me he says

Ok Call for a python coder to help, as I have gone from easy python to intermediate python, and I am getting in a little over my head,

This is a test scene to see how many components I can fit in a scene,

I think that the full script will use about 2-6% more Cpu

So it looks like with the Main + 128 components I will still have alot of elbow room for the environment,

after I get is up and running I will need help optimizing and adding shaders,

the component cubes still are about a week off at this rate, as I only have 3 or the 6 faces on these cubes working
and I need 30 face cubes working, and the property to be passed and the re-assignment property used for pairing rather then the pair list,

but I am happy about the lack of a hit on the CPU this node system will have,
Thank you blender artists!!
Now help me get this done, and start getting some ad revenue for us, and some for the BGE Dev team.


ComponentTest.blend (1.25 MB)

I don’t know what else i can tell you.I love using state engines myself.

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