Started out as a face I was digitally painting, then it took a much different turn.

Done in Photoshop Elements, wacom, about two hours. I might revist the original face at some point and finish the portrait (originally intended to be called “Portrait of a Girl I Never Met” :slight_smile: ). No refs used, just freehand, overactive imagination as usual :smiley:


Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m going to crit you now though you didn’t ask for (if I’ve left my place, forgive me)

The face itself is very nice. The lips, the eyes and eyebrows are bit mishpen…or maybe they’re too dark compared to the nose. Not enough contrast there. Otherwise the face itself is very nice.

The idea and concept behind the rest of the image, the techno-like alteration of the image is good, though in many places you can tell one used standard photoshop filters. I guess a part of this is due to the fact you’re using elements, but nonetheless you used sharpen/wind/ a lot, among edge find.

It’s a good image, but is missing a bit in some areas, and seems a bit too quickly done.

This is otherwise a very artistic piece.

(again, sorry if I’m out of place)

That’s very good feedback Dittohead! :smiley: Thanks for responding!
Definitely didn’t spend a ton of time on this one :wink:
I think from the edge erosion stuff I did some of the features got altered and the contrast fell off in some areas.
Yes, standard filters, although I used a lot of masking to filter only parts of the image, especially the geometric regions. First time I had any use for wind :stuck_out_tongue:
The original image was about 1000 pixels wide, so when I resized it for web viewing the AA really dulled out the edges, so I did one last sharpen before posting it.


there 's a bit too much plugin effect feel for my taste… but quite nice otherwise…

i like the original name, btw… I usually prefer more straightforward naming…


Thanks basse for commenting on this. I generally avoid plugins whenever possible, so this was one of the few times I made such liberal use of them. The original title will be used for the actual digital painting this image branched from, if I finish it. Titles are something I like to experiment with too.