Recolor type tool?

Was wondering if blender have a recolor tool( not sure what its called in gimp or ps).Basically allows you to select a color and paint over it and Anything not that color is not painted over

so basically, you click, and that color will be selected, then you can paint that selected area?
no i dont think blender has anything like that. blenders paint tools are actaully really weak in general as far as i know… and i would rather make the textures in a separate software.

im not 100% sure, since i never do texturing in blender (well, making the texture…) but i really doubt they do.

however, i think you can use a brush to pain an area witch will not be affected when you paint, since blender uses this technique with sculpting, where you can lock polygons. but again, im not sure and i dont know how.

Hopefully blender will integrate it sometime selecting faces etc so not to paint outside the lines isn’t accurate enough if you are using smart unwrap mode etc been able to paint a sector select it based on color then retexture over it would be very usefull i think.