Recomend me a Wireless PC Headset

I’m getting really tired of going through headset after headset after headset… All the ones ive had we’re pretty good, except in my house, the cord for headphones get whacked incredibly often… so most headphones only last a month before the cord is pulled too hard and either the mic or one headset goes out.

So i bought some turtle beach px3’s … Having wireless headphones has been so nice and great.

But holy Jebus these headphones suck.

They are EXPLOSIVELY loud when you’re computer starts up. to the put where my ears ring if i have them on when it happens.

They beep every 8 seconds if the battery is low or if it thinks no one is there.

The instructions say that if it starts beeping from inactivity, just tap the mic or make a noise so it hears you.
I’ve had this thing try and turn off on me while i was doing nothing but speaking for twitch.

I have to drop everything i’m doing and go find a tab or anything on my computer to make a noise to give myself 4 more minutes of no beeping.

It says it’s great for gaming and hearing footsteps and stuff, but in actuality, it tries to reduce background noise by muting itself if things are too quiet. And the threshold for that is set so high that normal conversation from videos or softer parts of music constantly cuts in and out so i can’t understand a word of it but it’s full of random noise.

I actually have to run a looped 24 hour video of the star trek ambient engine noise at low volume just to keep sound going on other things through the day.

So yeah! Having headphones i can get up and walk around with, no miles of wires… it’s GREAT!

but please can someone recommend me a brand that isn’t the stupidest set of headphones on the planet?

Thanks so much <3

the ones I got for the kid sucked too. i do not know how to tell the good from the bad and I do not believe paying more only will necessarily get you good ones.

Checkout this helpful article at TechRadar:

They review the best wireless headphones available. I like the senheisers

I think you should try new models of 2020

The Best Wireless headphones 2020

Congratulations on the 4 year necro.

Personally, i think anything Sennheiser makes is good. I’ve bought headphones, headsets an earphones from them and they all work great!

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