Recomended UV unwrappers?

I was browsing the site yesterday, and I went through the resources section again. I saw a couple of UV unwrappers listed, but since I hadn’t dabbled in UV mapping before, I never paid attention to them on my previous visits.

But now I figure that UV is the way to go for the best results and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a really good unwrapper that I should use?

Wait till Blender 2.34 comes out (pretty soon). It has a new unwrapper.

if you can’t wait, grab the pre-release - use the so called LSCM unwrapping method (when in face-select mode, press “U”>>LSCM). search the forums for a how-to (as i don’t remember the right link, else i’d post it )

for the lates testing builds, go here:

brief description of LSCM: basically you define “cutting” edges on your mesh (in edit mode, select vertices that make up edges, press CTRL+E). if you lay them out properly, the unwrapping method unfolds the geometry pretty nice. its easy to imagine (at least for characters and such) if you think of a (dead) animal. how and where would you cut it’s skin to have separate, unfolded pieces of leather? define those cuts in your geometry, and LSCM will do the rest.

hope that helps


Sooner than you thought, IT’S OUT!!!



Off I go, hip hip horray!