recommend ftp client?

(beatabix) #1

can anyone recommend a free ftp client for windows that doesn’t suck royally?

my current client is so problematic i don’t even want to think about uploading my stuff with it.


(valarking) #2


(mrmunkily) #3


GPLed, for windows. its very full featured

(theeth) #4



(Grizzly69) #5

FTP commander

(blengine) #6

i second the ws_ftp recommendation =)

(digitalSlav) #7

check out coffeecup free ftp! i’ve tried the rest and have stuck with this one for oh about the last 5 years!

(Jamesk) #8

I’ll third :smiley: the ws_ftp-recommendation… Windows commandline FTP is pretty interesting too. And built-in from start as well! No download required!

(Jolly Gnome) #9

and fourth WS-FTP recommendation. It’s easy to use, but very good.

(Timothy) #10

smart ftp,

  • easy to use (as easy as cute ftp of ws ftp)
  • free (as free as free beer)

I myself did use both cute and ws ftp, though both had quite a few of errors. Smart ftp has some aswell,… but atleast it has an good excuse :slight_smile:


(Schlops) #11


(haunt_house) #12

first transfer from evrsoft

works together with first page

(Timothy) #13

no seriously smart ftp is the best, it doesn’t have a raytacer! but I can get the same effects without it!

(basse) #14

wsftp_le, or ncftp


(beatabix) #15

thanks for all the replies. a great help.
i’ll check them all through and see which i prefer. what i really want is something really simple, like “you bunch of files, get over there, now”.

my current program keeps telling me it’s sent the files when really it hasn’t, then dumps them in the home directory the next time i connect.


(Eric) #16

the command line one that comes with windoze.

(theeth) #17

the command that comes with Windows is a copy of Linux ftp…

not that it’s a bad thing :wink:


(thatbrikwal) #18

i second the smartftp, find chmod’ing much easier

(haunt_house) #19

when I use ws ftp-lite, it takes about a minute to log in. Is that normally that way?