Recommend me a good Materials pack / Generator for Plastics and Metals (with example images)?

I’m looking for plastic and metal materials. I have Kit Ops free version and that contains one or two good ones, I don’t know how many materials Kit Ops Pro contains.

Anyway, I am not against making my own metal / plastic materials with a Generator addon if its not too complicated an interface (I am new to Blender).
-images below-

It sounds like you’re also new to 3D. If that’s the case, what are you trying to achieve, what do you want to do?

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Yes, I’m new. I’m trying to model a synthesizer musical instrument from the 1980s. On the control panel there are plastic knobs, on a brushed metal background.

I highly recommend spending time learning on how to make materials from scratch. It’s not that hard for the simple ones you need. There’s many tutorials on youtube. If you want to skip that step you can download something like the BlenderKit add-on. They have many free materials and just searching for e.g. brushed metal will get you results.


thanks. I’m assuming the BlenderKit (free version) is OK with me doing commercial stuff (i.e. rendering out animated knobs in .PNG format - or maybe SVG format)? I’m not doing 3d models to sell, or selling the materials, just the final .PNG image product.

Edit: yeah, I see its RF and some CC0, as long as I don’t sell the asset in the same form.

In your main shader node, turn up metallic , antrioscopic, and antrioscopic rotation for the metal.


lot’s of details objects in there
like knobs meters panel + Text

so if new to Blender and 3d then you gone need to practice to get a good 3D model

for help you can always ask questions on forum here

good luck

Note: there was a model like that last month on wip forum

happy bl

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Hi there,
Just to add some procedural metal (tutorials), Sam Bowman has amazing ones. His other videos are great as well:

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