Recommend things to watch on blender cloud?

So to start off I’m very new to blender. I have been watching blendergurus’ beginner videos and following along with those but recently i signed up for blender cloud. What do you guys recomend me watching as someone completely new?

I’m a cloud subscriber, but I haven’t actually done any of the training because I mainly subscribe to support them and get behind the scenes access to their projects. However, as a beginner, it looks like the game asset creation series might be a good bet, since it is quite new (made using a recent version of Blender), and supposedly aimed at people who are completely new. For a step up, the Blenderella series might be good for learning character modelling and topology, but it’s pretty old, so it might be hard to follow along as Blender has changed a bit since it was made, so I think you’d want to develop your basic skills first.

Also, CG Cookie has some good beginner videos, as well as lots of in-depth courses on a variety of topics, so you might want to check them out too:
Here is the beginner course: (only the first one is free)

I also recommend searching Blender Stack Exchange when you get stuck, as a lot of common questions are answered quite thoroughly there:

Anyway, regardless of which videos you watch, once you have the basics down, I think you should set yourself a small project, like model a cup or a bike wheel or something, and try to take it to a final render. This way you will learn a lot of things, without having to go too deep and get frustrated because you don’t have the skills yet. Once you become familiar with using Blender, you can start to tackle more advanced topics.

it really depend on what it is that you want to do with blender. the training in the cloud is very varied, and covers a lot of areas in blender: modelling (blenderella and creature factory), matchmoving and some vfx and compositing (track match blend), rigging and animation (humane rigging)…
so, what is it that you want to learn first?