Recommendation for Bang for Buck GPU for Cycles Rendering - 2016 - Blender 2.77

I’m not looking for a POWER rendering solution or the best fastest card made today. 3D/Blender art is not my main gig. I’m a metal sculptor (real metal sculptures) do simple scenes, for instance a minimalist metal sculpture with a nice backdrop. I have an ancient Geforce 9600 that can’t even enable GPU rendering. I would like to improve render times and do video renders as well as stills with Cycles, HDRi, PBR materials. So from reading past forum posts it looks like an Nvidia GTX card with a lot of CUDA cores, but maybe I don’t need so much RAM. So say I have $150 to spend on a new card.

For instance, the EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB SC GAMING is $150 currently. Or should I look at a GTX7xx Ti or something with more RAM. . . ?