Recommendation for Low-Poly Vehicle Modeling


I would like to start learning low-poly modelling. I have been going through some of the tutorials on cgcookie and blenderguru, but most of them deal with high-polycount modeling, which are working fine to help me model some realistic scenes. Whenever I try to model something simpler, I fail miserably.

I would love to learn to do something like (the spaceships and the little cars) - of course, I do not pretend to be that awesome, as I know a lot of Kenneth’s greatness is in the textures as well and in the years of experience and hard work.

But is there some tutorial you can recommend me to get started with this? The couple of low-poly modelling tutorials I am trying to follow deal with human body shapes, whereas I would prefer to something simpler like a simple vehicle, as in Kenneth’s work.


Yes, in low poly modelling it is the texture that makes all the difference between something that looks nice and something that do not.
Meaning then that it require more texturing talent to make the details you will not model.

Here’s a large thread full of low poly models that are absolutely superb :

See how the quality of the texturing work really makes them working.

Hey - I must really thank you for this help! I am doing this in the little free time I have (many odd jobs to pay the bills), and coming back here to see these suggestions really made my day. Both threads are very very useful and a good starting point for me. Thank you guys!

Hi i found this I thought i would give it a try myself :