Recommendations for posting on Sketchfab?

Would like to showcase my model in a 3D viewer on my website/fb, using SketchFab…

Since I never did such a thing, I’d appreciate any tips… I take it, the model it should be low-poly?
Really haven’t got around to go deeply into all the baking techniques (?), combining low and high poly, and all the terminology, but yeah… what should the output look like?

Could I export a mesh created with dyntopo… (you know, with really dense topo) straight into Sketchfab?
If not, how would I ‘showcase’ all the details and so on?

I’m gonna download a few models from there to see how they look (if thats possible?), but would really appreciate if any of you guys have any pointers …


The size of the model you can upload depends on the plan you have Plans & Pricing - Sketchfab

Read the help articles

Cheers man.

Hey Chewbacca (disclaimer: I work for Sketchfab)

Yes, we support high poly models including dyna-mesh. That said as with all real-time renderers, the better optimized (even re-topologized) a model is the better it will perform across a wide range of devices from smart phones to killer gaming PCs.

Generally speaking the free account is plenty for the vast majority of uploads.

Lots of ZBrush artists on Sketchfab, so sculpts generally render really well. Best thing is to upload and try us out!

Thanks man. Will do!

Pardon my total lack of knowledge here, but, what would be the most ‘memory-saving’ way of exporting such simple geometry (like on the first image)?

Í mean, I guess, SketchFab can not read Blender’s modifiers (hah), so I can not just leave the geometry like that, leave the subsurf on and export it like that, right? :slight_smile:

Cause you know, in my mind, it would be such an overkill having to convert such simple quads into such dense topo (like on the second image), right?

Know what I mean? Is there a way to save some of the memory?


sketchfabsample.blend (679 KB)