Recommendations for vehicle modelling tutorials? (beginner)


I wonder if anyone can recommend me some good (free or paid) tutorials for learning blender that are vehicle focused? I work professionally in design but currently work mainly with NURBS modelling in Rhino, with some exprience in MODO as well (coming from Modo). So I’m not a beginner in 3D but don’t know much about Blender at all bar the basics. My work is veering more towards vehicle concepts at the moment and I feel like learning Blender is a great next step so I’m looking for something of that bent.

Thank you.

Hi to you, i have a website i use for the tutorials : :grin:
Here’s a vehicle tutorial for you : linktypeid%3A2 q%3Ablender page%3A1 s%3Arelevance sa%3Atrue producttypeid%3A2 :smiley:

Your first month is free, but then you have to pay.
There’s a lot of others tutorials for blender, i give you link : :wink:
I hope it can help you !!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

you have tons of good tutorials on youtube, you can begin with low-poly, then when you’ll got the basics, switch to more complicated